Dec 3, 2024 Our paper “MolGuide: 2D Molecular Optimization with Preserved Structural Motifs Guidance” is accepted by the workshop AAAI 2024: LLMs4Bio. It’s my first attempt at “Graph Generation”, where we are doing something new under this topic, please stay tuned!
Sep 23, 2023 Two papers are accepted by NeurIPS 2023!
Apr 27, 2023 Our paper “Bayesian Progressive Deep Topic Model with Knowledge Informed Textual Data Coarsening Process” is accepted by ICML 2023.
Feb 15, 2023 :fire::fire::fire: We have open sourced a new version of PyDPM, and welcome to join the open source library of deep probabilistic models!
PyDPM is a python library focuses on constructing Deep Probabilistic Models (DPMs). Our developed Pydpm not only provides efficient distribution sampling functions on GPU, but also has included the implementations of existing popular DPMs.